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Sixtease Bags USA

SALE! Sixtease Bags USA - The Tish Crossbody Bag

SALE! Sixtease Bags USA - The Tish Crossbody Bag

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Up-cycled Canvas Small & Cross Body

Material :Up-cycled Canvas & Leather Utility (Outside) : 1 quick access zip pocket, 1 Slip pocket with snap button in front & 1 slip pocket at back. Utility (Inside) : Main compartment with 1 zip pocket

Lining: Poly Cotton Step Logo Printed Collection : The Vintage Splash Collection Fittings : Antique Finish Premium Hardwares

Dimensions ( In Inches ) : 7*9.5*2 Handle : N/A Shoulder : 54" Adj. Strap Closure : Genuine YKK Zipper

About Sixtease Bags USA

Two friends came together with a shared vision to create something extraordinary. They were inspired by the beauty of the past, the allure of vintage treasures, and a deep desire to make a positive impact on the environment. This marked the beginning of their journey, and thus "Sixtease" was born. The name "Sixtease" was derived from the idea of blending the essence of the 1960s with a contemporary twist. It was a nod to the era of free-spiritedness, innovation, and environmental consciousness, all of which became the driving force behind their brand. Every bag crafted by Sixtease was a masterpiece, a unique blend of upcycled canvas and reclaimed leather sourced from various forgotten corners of the world. These materials were more than just raw materials; they carried stories of their own, weaving the past into the present. The artisans believed that in giving these materials a new life, they were not just creating bags but preserving history and embracing sustainable practices. The brand's motto, "Revive, Renew, Reimagine," echoed through their creations. With every bag they made, Sixtease aimed to revive forgotten materials, renew their purpose, and reimagine what fashion could be – a harmonious blend of sustainability, style, and soulfulness. With every bag they created, Sixtease aimed to inspire a new way of thinking about fashion – one that honored the past, celebrated the present, and embraced the responsibility of safeguarding the future.

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